Copillot briefing helps get ahead of issues

Copilot for the dairy industry

Advanced AI on your farm that identifies hard to spot issues and trends.

Copilot's weekly farm briefing

AI-powered weekly operational summaries help you see where you're heading

Save time spent browsing through weekly data – get an overview of key changes directly in your inbox. Copilot analyzes all data on your farm and sends you a weekly summary of changes that need your attention, highlighting issues that are hard to spot and data you don’t often look at.

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Another set of eyes on your data

Copilot can analyze all your connected data effortlessly. It uses advanced algorithms to keep track of key metrics so you don't miss anything.

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Finds needles in haystacks

Got a heat stress problem in Group 4 for second  lactation cows in DIM 50-150? Copilot will find it.

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Keeps you aware of trends

Analyzing events and the movement of metrics over time are some of the key issues you will get weekly.


Copilot gets you ready for your next meeting

Whether you’re a farm advisor rushing to the next farm meeting or a herd manager preparing for a meeting with your team, Copilot has your back.  Eliminate hours of work to generate complex reports.

Tell Copilot when you last checked your metrics or visited the dairy and it will give you a concise summary of everything that happened since that date.


Copilot farm briefing
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Emailed to your Inbox

Copilot emails you a 1-page summary directly to your inbox when the analysis is ready.

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Custom time range

Did you visit your dairy 6 weeks ago or 6 months? Simply let Copilot know and it will adjust its report for your duration.

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Timeline events

Copilot considers context; any report generated also considers major events such as ration changes or heat stress.

Copilot insights

You'll never miss an important issue again

Copilot monitors your farm 24/7 and sends automatic notifications for significant changes. Choose the metrics you’d like to keep an eye on and set up thresholds to receive an alert when a metric goes above or below these values.

You can proactively address issues or opportunities without constantly digging through data.

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Reduce alert-noise

Custom and easily adjustable thresholds ensure that you are not spammed with alerts from all farms.

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Insights across all your farms

Easily setup thresholds and alerts for any farm connected to your account.

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Push notifications or email

Receive notifications on the mobile app or via email.

Learn about our customers' experience with Copilot

Allan on the farm

See how Allan Kutz is using Copilot to keep abreast of issues on his 3000+ herd dairy.

“Some of the data per DIM group, like the 1 to 7 days in milk group on lactating cows, I’ve never really looked at, it’s never really been interesting. But going over the data in those graphs, I think there’s something there, and I would’ve never looked at it without Copilot's email.”

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