Purpose, above all.

Connecterra is on a mission to empower the dairy industry to increase productivity while reducing impact on the planet

Connecterra early days
Connecterra office

Values drive everything we do

We are fearless

Connecterra is redefining the limits to what technology can accomplish. We are radical thinkers engineering solutions to tackle human dilemmas. We push the envelope of technological advancement.

We move fast

At Connecterra, we never stand still and constantly adapt. We have a bias for action.  ​We break down the blockers with agile iterations. We continuously innovate at the forefront of current technological thinking to pioneer new solutions for our customers.

We are purposeful

Connecterra enables people to make more productive, humane and sustainable use of natural resources by expanding the horizon of human ingenuity.

We are one

At Connecterra, we are a diverse and tightly knit team which comes together as One to make a positive impact in the world. With a strong emphasis on authenticity, open communication, and support we create a unique and vibrant work environment that fosters growth, collaboration, and fun.

We are socially conscious

People—not tech—will always come first. Connecterra understands that solving the climate crisis means balancing the needs of people, business, cows, communities, and the environment. Our use of AI will always support human endeavor, not usurp it. We leverage technology as a force for good.