Visualize opportunities and spot issues with data

Visualize, compare and analyze all your farm data from all your systems in one, easy to use platform. Use AI-powered predictions on key metrics to chart your course.

Hassle free, intelligent analytics built for busy people.

Connecterra Analytics
Analytics - compare charts
Correlated metrics

Easily analyze farm data, from all your systems across multiple sites

Analytics brings together data from your feed software, herd management systems and sensors into one location. No more double data entry or checking for issues, we do this for you. Production data in robots and herd test excel files? No issues, you can see data by source or consolidated!

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Reduce double data entry

No need to keep group information updated in multiple systems, reduce the time needed to create consistency across systems.

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All systems supported

Support for sensor data, robotic milking, offline files, API's and many more types of integrations.

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Analyze data at any level of detail

Want to see your refusals by lactation? No issues. We automatically create DIM, Group and Lactation level perspectives for all your data.


See where you're headed with AI-powered data predictions on key metrics

Knowing where you've been is good, but knowing where you are headed is great. Unlike traditional systems that only enable you to look backwards, Connecterra enables you to look forward on key metrics such as Yield, fat and protein for up to 12 months.

Projections and simulator
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Over 95% accurate

Our predictions are based on your data and with a predictive accuracy of over 95% for up to 90 days in the future.

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Forecast yield, fat and protein

Want to see the next 90 days of milk production and components? Simply select a future time period in analytics and see how your operation will perform.

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Extend your decision analysis

Combine predictions with feed cost and milk future pricing to estimate your future income and make better investment decisions.

See anomalies and missing data

Increase confidence in the quality of your data through the power of AI

Our custom AI model assesses all the data from your farm and identifies issues. If you had a system failure and are missing data or data got entered twice? No problem, our AI models will flag these as anomalies and clearly identify what data looks suspicious.

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Automated data quality assessments

Increase confidence in your analysis by easily spotting issues in data vs issues on your farm. Anomaly detection clearly flags missing and bad data.

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Seamless data sync

Insights are only relevant when they are presented on time. Multiple daily data syncs ensure that you always get the most accurate of insights.

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Data enrichment

Analytics will automatically enrich your existing data by discovering and filling gaps where possible and generating multiple perspectives.

Analytics IOFC dashboard

Compare charts, create dashboards and unlock insights

Create a dashboard for this group to review the data that is most relevant for you on one page. Looking for a way to see all drivers to your IOFC in one place? No problem, create a dashboard and pin feed cost, production and milk price charts in one place.

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Multiple Dashboards

Easily pin any visualization in the platform to one or more dashboards. Group the information you need the way you want it.

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AI data predictions

Want to see the next 60 days of milk production or feed cost? Use Copilot to show you projections for any time in the future for supported metrics.

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Get context on your data

Not sure why you had a sudden dip in yield? Simply overlay your charts with key farm events to see context on what could have caused these issues.