Connecterra - Decision support

Quantify the impact of decisions with your data

Automatically track the impact of your decisions on key metrics and identify the return on your time and money investments.

Model different decision scenarios with AI-powered predictions

Track the impact of changes you make
decision support

Quantify the impact of changes with Impact tracker

Did you make a ration change? Did you have an unusually warm week? Quantifying the impact of decisions and events does not need to be hard.

See how your decision impacted production, fat or protein levels or even your income. Simple, yet powerful, impact tracker empowers you to make better decisions through data.

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Quantify impact by any metric

Made a ration change but want to see the impact on ruminating time and yield? No problem, you can view the impact of your change by any metric.

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See what else happened

Perhaps your ration change overlapped with a major health issue. Easily spot overlapping events to provide context in your analysis.

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A/B test your decisions by Groups

Investigating the possibility of a new product on your farm? Use impact tracker to A/B test the product by analyzing impact at group level.


See all major farm events across key categories in one timeline

No more browsing through calendars and different systems to recall when you’ve made a ration change or barn adjustment. Timeline gives you a clear overview of farm events and operational changes in chronological order by automatically detecting events in different systems. You can also add events yourself to identify potential causes of changes in metrics.

Farm timeline
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Automated Event Detection

Reduce data entry overhead by automated event detection from your connected systems such as feed and sensor systems.

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Future Events

Expecting to make a barn change in the next 6 months? Add it to the timeline and Connecterra will keep track of the impact of the barn change once it happens.

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Filter by Category

See all farm events filtered by major categories. Add your own category for special events such as A/B tests and new product introductions.