Invite users to the Connecterra platform

Empower farm stakeholders with your data

Invite any number of farm advisors to view your farm data; or invite any of your customers. All connected farms and users share the same data on a single, easy to use platform.  

Send invite via email
Invite users

Easily invite any type of user to the platform while maintaining control over your data

Analytics brings together data from your feed software, herd management systems and sensors into one location. No more double data entry or checking for issues, we do this for you. Production data in robots and herd test excel files? No issues, you can see data by source or consolidated!

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No need to keep DIM, Pen or Group information updated in multiple systems, reduce the time needed to cr

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Support for sensor data, robotic milking, offline files, API's and many more types of integrations.

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As an advisor, simply enter the email address of your customers to send them a link to join the platform.


Get alerts, insights and view data across multiple farms or sites

View all your connected farms and sites in one, easy to use interface. You can filter by individual farm or see them together to compare and contrast. Alerts and notifications can be setup for individual farms saving you time from managing notifications.

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Connect multiple farms

Invite or connect all your customers to the Connecterra platform. There is no limit to the number of sites that you can connect.

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Filter alerts by Farm

Setup alerts and notifications for every individual site. Receive push notifications on your phone or over email. Manage your alert noise through intelligent thresholds provided by the system.

manage access

Control who can view your data and for what purpose

As a farmer, you have complete control over who can has access to your farm data. You can easily invite and revoke access and ensure that your data is not used for a purpose that you did not intend.