Mar 13, 2024

Uncovering hidden insights with Connecterra’s Copilot

See how Allan Kutz is using Copilot to keep abreast of issues on his 3000+ herd dairy.

Meet Allan, a dairy farmer who recently experienced the power of Copilot. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Copilot analyzes all your farm data within minutes, and sends you a summary of key changes that need your attention. This is how Allan spotted a drop in production that he would never have seen otherwise.

Together with his family, Allan manages a 2,300-cow dairy in Jefferson, WI, and uses the Connecterra Platform to support his daily work. The newest feature on the Platform, Copilot – farm briefing, delivered an email pointing out an irregularity in milk production for fresh cows. Allan dismissed it initially, unsure about the accuracy of the data, but revisited the email a few days later. It highlighted a seemingly abnormal data point – a significant decrease in milk production for cows in the 1:7 DIM group. Intrigued, he took a closer look at the Analytics charts on the platform. The graphs spilled the milk – literally. There it was, a dip in the first seven days of milking. Connecterra’s AI had sniffed out a mystery.

“Some of the data per DIM group, like the 1 to 7 days in milk group on lactating cows, I’ve never really looked at, it’s never really been interesting. But going over the data in those graphs, I think there’s something there, and I would’ve never looked at it without that email.” says Allan.

Teaming up with his nutritionist, Allan started looking into the changes they had made to the post-fresh diet to identify potential causes. It had brought up a topic to discuss in their meeting.

The Copilot briefing email not only brought attention to a subtle change but also guided Allan to explore data points that had previously gone unnoticed. This real-time, actionable information empowers farmers to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

With Connecterra, it’s not just data; it’s powerful, simple insights that drive positive changes on the farm.

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