Mar 28, 2024

Maximize your dairy farm efficiency using data analytics

Data is gold in agriculture. It offers insights that will transform traditional farming practices into data-driven processes.

For dairy farmers managing large herds, every piece of information collected by farm systems – from milk production metrics to animal health records – is valuable and can be used to improve efficiency and overall farm performance. However, the sheer volume of data in addition to many sources is overwhelming to process and analyze. Leading to missed opportunities for optimization.

With tools such as Connecterra Analytics, farmers can overcome this by integrating data from across the farm and consolidating it into one overview with easy-to-read charts.

The power of data in farming

65% of dairy farmers struggle with manual data entry and reporting processes, leading to errors and delays in decision-making. Multiple sources of data and different platforms that don’t integrate means farmers can spend one to two hours per day looking at data from six or more platforms.  

The lack of unified systems for data observation makes it difficult for farmers to extract actionable insights from their data. And this inefficiency doesn't just slow productivity, it also makes it harder to implement sustainable farming practices.

However, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), leveraging data-driven insights can result in a 20% increase in farm productivity. Because data enables farmers to make informed decisions based on specific insights rather than general assumptions.

Data collected from milk processors, herd management and feed software, behavior monitoring, and more provide valuable insights that can help dairy farmers make better decisions and improve farm operations. Thus saving you time.

Keep track of all essential data across systems

To make data-driven decisions and optimize processes when needed, you need to be able to easily see all your farm’s data.

Connecterra's Analytics consolidate data from your feed software, herd management system, sensors, financial and weather data all into one place. This makes it simpler to track performance, identify trends and potential issues, and measure their impact. This practical tool helps both farmers and advisors extract more value from farm data, enabling better decision-making.

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Connecterra Analytics charts